Network / Securities:

GAP Techies provides the Dedicated Firewall to ensure the protection for you to be safe from attacks and focus on your competency in managing your business. With our expertise and 24/7/365 expertise support, we will install and configure your security policies while constantly managing your firewall system.

GAP Techies Intrusion Detection and Prevention service provides 24/7/365 real-time monitoring, detection, analysis and response to internal and external network security threats. We deliver the optimal balance of computer automation, event correlation and human analysis combining best practices with proprietary methodologies to cost effectively and proactively protect your organization.

GAP Techies provides a gateway-based Anti-Virus/Anti-Spam Managed Security service that filters and cleans e-mail from the internet before it reaches your network. The service provides comprehensive protection against all types of malware, internet-worms, Trojans, computer viruses and also blocks inappropriate content coming in and going out, and prevents e-mail malware from infiltrating your network.